Miles Nielsen & Kelly Steward

By Aitkin County Friends of the Arts (other events)

Saturday, May 27 2023 6:00 PM 9:00 PM CDT

Rock & roll royalty comes to Aitkin, MN! Rockford-based Miles Nielsen is a second-generation professional music maker. His father Rick Nielsen is a founding member of the seminal Rockford band Cheap Trick. Nielsen inherited his father’s gifts as a guitar player but, unlike his Dad, Miles is a powerful, emotive vocalist. His music is part rock, part folk and part gypsy wedding party.  Kelly Steward's haunting indie flavored neo-traditional country meditations are a favorite in this area of the country, a grass-roots musical movement from the state that brought you Wilco.  After a few storied years in Los Angeles, Kelly moved back to the Midwest to record her EP "Long Long Road" with producer, and fellow musician Miles Nielsen. They have been married since 2016.

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