Songs by the Lake w/Jamie Lin Wilson & Courtney Patton

By Aitkin County Friends of the Arts (other events)

Sunday, July 23 2023 1:00 PM 6:00 PM CDT

And now for something completely different from Friends of the Arts....our Member Appreciation Event - a full day of music by the lake, including lunch and beverages – with three great musical artists from TEXAS at the Weitnauer cabin on Big Pine Lake!

Here's how this concert works.....
Both tickets include all performances and a catered lunch AND beverages from Block North Brew Pub from 1-3pm.
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When describing Jamie Lin Wilson’s voice, two aspects come to mind: that honeyed tenor twang that’s become known as one of the sweetest instruments in modern folk music and that poignant, poetic, down-to-earth point of view she brings to her songwriting. An artist of singular talent and restless creativity, she broke into the Texas country/folk scene as one of the co-lead vocalists of the Gougers before the band gradually gave way to not only Wilson’s solo work (the fine EP Dirty Blonde Hair was released in 2010) but also higher-profile musical adventures with The Trishas , an all-female singer-songwriter band (founded at The MusicFest) that has toured through some of the nation’s best venues. Scoring one of the best albums of 2012 with High Wide & Handsome, the Trishas lit up the genre for a few years while always leaving Wilson room for solo gigs, guest spots on over a dozen albums, and song-swaps with like-minded artists all over Texas and beyond. Wilson’s home life as a wife and mom come through often in her music but creatively, she can portray lonesome and restless with the best of them. Multiple approaches, countless gigs, several years and nearly a million miles into what promises to be a grand career, Jamie Wilson not only runs with a good crowd: she never fails to stand out. MusicFest 2020 looks forward to Jamie Lin’s full band performance and captivating acoustic shows.


Courtney Patton is a storyteller. She’s also a mother, a wife, a producer, a singer, a songwriter, a tour-van driver and a musician- as well as a world-traveler when she’s out on tour throughout the continental U.S., Canada and Europe. But to anyone lucky enough to be sitting in the audience while listening to her expansive Texas twang belt out her version of deep and soulful country music, she’s a storyteller. In a musical era in which clichés and bravado are mistaken for bold noteworthiness, there is something far more brave in peeling back highly personal and emotional open-book songs and delivering them with sensitivity and sentiment. Patton does just that. She is the consummate storyteller in her music. Heartache isn’t just described, it is tangibly felt.


Anyone who has witnessed a performance from Drew Cooper can testify to experiencing a stirring of the soul kind of sensation as the music washes over. The husky, soul soaked baritone of his voice is no doubt the very foundation his entire sound is built on. It’s a well-worn timbre that in one moment haunts you with the Teddy Pendergrass-esque stylings of old Motown, and the next moment you’re  bobbing your head up and down in that involuntary way that only pure rock n roll can invoke. That rock spice is always going to be part of the meal with Cooper having grown up in the Midwest where classic rock dictated pretty music everything, but you are also going to taste a hint of country and, sometimes, the gospel influence of his youth. It’s hard to know what to call this hodge-podge stew of savory sounds, but Cooper serves it up this way. “Americana is the easiest way to explain it, but that’s a blanket statement for those that have their own sound. Am I rock?  No.  Am I country?  No.  I just sing it and play it how I feel it.”  


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